ASAP-East Africa

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

ASAP brings together leading UK and East African researchers in air pollution, urban planning, economic geography, public health, social sciences and development studies to provide a framework for improved air quality management in East African cities. Central to the project’s aims are strengthening research capabilities and technological expertise in East Africa, with local stakeholders and experts involved in the conception, implementation, and uptake of the programme and its outcomes.

Want to collaborate?

The ASAP-East Africa is keen to collaborate with organisations and individuals with an interest in air pollution. If you are interested in exploring opportunities to engage with ASAP-East Africa research or to partner on similar research feel free to contact the ASAP-East Africa team:

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Ajit Singh (University of Birmingham)


Ajit Singh is a postdoctoral Research Fellow in the group of Professor Francis Pope. Currently, he is working on WP2 and WP5 of the ASAP project. His PhD research included the investigation of the combined influence of aerosols and meteorology on visibility and tropospheric chemistry, supervised by Professor Pope.

Rhiannon Blake